Microsoft Windows 8 is launched without the "Start" menu. We created Wentutu Start Menu for Windows 8 users. With this application, you can easily get Start menu back. Here is a video tells you how to install and set it.
Wentutu Start Menu supports multiple languages.
You can own the specific version of the language.
You can drag in / drag out files or applications into
Wentutu Start Menu with your mouse.
Wentutu Start Menu has built-in program-searching function. You only have to input query in the search box and the required programs would be found quickly and efficiently.
You can boot into desktop automatically with Wentutu Start Menu.
  • Wentutu Start Menu perfectly imitates Windows 7's Aero style with translucent effect, compact and efficient.
  • Wentutu Start Menu contains list of all programs, frequently used programs and other commonly used shortcuts.
  • Wentutu Start Menu has perfect right-click function. You can easily manipulate programs by right-click.
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